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  • Jerzy Kozak, Forex Chartist

    Jerzy Kozak, Forex Chartist

    Jerzy Kozak has been trading the forex markets full time since 2003. He is the founder of the FOREX CHARTIST. Since 2006, he has written over 200 articles on important aspects of forex trading and has become an acknowledged authority on forex market, technical analysis and various trading techniques. He also trained over 300 traders and short-term investors.
    He is an editor of Equity Magazine. He is also an author of 3 books: Foreign exchange – basics,Professional forex trader and S/R Trading. He has also written or edited articles for several publications and brokerage firms as well as trading courses and educational materials.
    His favorite style of trading is day trading and favorite instruments are EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURJPY. He prefers the technical approach, primarily by Andrews Pitchfork tool and the Fibonacci sequence.
    Presentation: “Action-reaction law in trading”

  • Anton Panayotov, Alaric Capital

    Anton Panayotov, Alaric Capital

    Anton Panayotov has 12 years of experience in trading and money management, including as FX trader in Deutsche Bank, trader of stocks for Banker’s Trust as well as trader in other US investment companies. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Drexel University in the USA as well as FINRA Series 7, 24, 55, 63, 65 licenses. Currently, Mr. Panayotov is CEO of Alaric Capital, a money management firm, and Alaric Securities, a broker-dealer.


    Presentation: “The pitfalls of forex trading: a few important rules every trader should know” 

  • Rodolfo Festa Bianchet, RIFLEXO Jsc

    Rodolfo Festa Bianchet, RIFLEXO Jsc

    Rodolfo Festa Bianchet is the founder and CEO of Riflexo, a Sofia-based software company, which has developed Trade Interceptor Forex Trading Platform and is specialized in the development of online trading technology for banks, brokers, information providers, professional and private investors around the world. Rodolfo created and developed TrendRisk decision support system, which has been distributed to professional and private traders for over 15 years. Rodolfo is also a trainer in the fields of Trading Psychology and Trading Techniques and is regularly invited as guest speaker in financial congresses and seminars. During his 18 years of carrier as professional trader, software provider to financial institutions, and trainer, Rodolfo Festa Bianchet has been working with many professional traders and has helped them improve their trading techniques and psychology. Riflexo’s trading platform Trade Interceptor is currently the world leading mobile trading platform for currency traders. Riflexo’s clients include top-tier US banks and over 200.000 private traders worldwide.


    Presentation: “Trading Psychology – why psychology plays a fundamental role in trading”



  • Bisser Manolov freelance finance consultant, Financial Conculting Group

    Bisser Manolov freelance finance consultant, Financial Conculting Group

    Bisser Manolov has over 24 years of experience with the finance markets. Starting as trader at monetary and financial markets he also engages in precious metal trading, stock trading, derivates and FOREX trading for Bulbank. Between 1989 and 2002 he is specializing in portfolios management. In the years from 2002 to 2011 Bisser Manolov held the position of Chairman of Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund. Bisser Manolov is one of the founders of Bulgarian Dealers Association. He is a freelance finance expert at present.


    Moderator of discussion panel at Forex Forum Investor.BG

  • Malte Kaub, Traders’ Leadership Council

    Malte Kaub, Traders’ Leadership Council

    Malte Kaub is Managing Director at the Traders’ Leadership Council in London. Since 2004, Malte advises capital market oriented corporations and leverages his expert knowledge and network to help compress the learning curve for traders of all experience levels. ActivTrades and the Traders’ Leadership Council offer actionable webinars and seminars to help the visitors achieve sustainable success in trading.


    Seminar: “Advanced techniques for trading on forex market”

  • Svetlin Minev,

    Svetlin Minev,

    Svetlin Minev is specializing in technical analysis and finance markets since 1998 and have gained an experience as individual trader, risk manager and currency trader for Societe General bank. This combination makes it easier for him to consider trading from different points of view, which is one of the most crucial conditions in the last years. “Financial markets are constantly changing and we must adapt to the new conditions no matter if we like it or not”. Svetlin Minev prefers short-term styles in trading – from scalping to swing day trading. Long-term positions he opens only with options. His decisions regarding opening of positions are based on technical analysis, price movement, correlation and quotes reading. He is an author of three books in the field of currency trading and is currently writing for 


    Seminar: “Advanced Market Analysis”

  • Plamen Peychev,

    Plamen Peychev,

    Plamen Peychev is Chief Broker at He has 13 years of experience in the international financial markets. He has conducted over 50 training courses in Trading Psychology, Technical and Fundamental Analysis.


    Seminar: “Strategy for beginners”

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